CSB2007 Committee Members

Life Sciences Society Conference Organizing Committee
Pat Blauvelt - LSS Membership Director
Ed Buckingham - LSS Conference Chair
Ann Loraine - University of Alabama, Birmingham, CSB
     Publication Chair

Fenglou Mao - LSS Registration Chair
Vicky Markstein - Conference Co-Chair, LSS President
Bill Wang - LSS IT Director
John Wooley - Vice-Chancellor, University of California,
    San Diego, CSB2007 Conference General Chair

Steering Committee
Phil Bourne - University of California, San Diego
Eric Davidson - California Institute of Technology
Steven Salzberg - University of Maryland, College Park
John Wooley - University of California, San Diego;
     San Diego Supercomputer Center

Program Committee
Tatsuya Akutsu - Kyoto University
Phil Bourne - University of California, San Diego
Jake Chen - Indiana University
Amar Das - Stanford University
Chris Ding - Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Roderic Guigo - IMIM, Barcelona
Tao Jiang - University of California, Riverside
Lydia Kavraki - Rice University
Hoong-Chien Lee - National Central University, Taiwan
Ann Loraine - University of Alabama, Birmingham
Michele Markstein - Harvard University
Peter Markstein - in silico Labs, Co-Chair
Satoru Miyano - University of Tokyo
Sean Mooney - Indiana University
Jan Mrazek - University of Georgia
Isidore Rigoutsos - IBM TJ Watson Research Center
Andrey Rzhetsky - Columbia University
Hershel M. Safer - Weizmann Institute of Science
Victor Solovyev - Royal Holloway, University of London
Anna Tramontano - University of Rome
Olga Troyanskaya - Princeton University
Alfonso Valencia - Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia
Eberhard Voit - Georgia Tech
Limsoon Wong - University of Singapore
Ying Xu - University of Georgia, Co-Chair
Aidong Zhang - State University of New York, Buffalo
Michael Zhang - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Xianghong Jasmine Zhou - University of Southern California
Yaoqi Zhou - Indiana University

Poster Committee
Nigam Shah - Stanford University, Chair
Patrick Shih - University of California, San Diego

Tutorial Committee
Al Shpuntoff - Chair

Workshop Committee
Iddo Friedberg - University of California, San Diego, Co-Chair
Weizhong Li - University of California, San Diego, Co-Chair

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